Each Kropf model is designed and produced to the highest standards of excellence.

With your satisfaction as our ultimate goal, thorough construction and attention to detail are paramount.


Construction Elements
  1. 2×4 Sidewall Framing 16″ O.C.
  2. Bay Window Front End
  3. 5/8″ Marine Grade Plywood Decking Screwed & Glued
  4. Enclosed Underbelly
  5. 10″ I-Beam Chassis with Full Outriggers
  6. Detachable Hitch
  7. In-Floor Ducted Heat Runs
  8. 2×6 Floor Joists 16″ O.C.
  9. Fiberglass Insulation R-22 Roof, R-11 Sidewalls and Floors (Canadian R-12 Floors, R-13 Sidewalls)
  10. Double 2×6 Floor Perimeter
  11. Metal Strapping Connecting Sidewall and Floor
  12. Moisture Barrier Sealant on Floor in Wet Areas
  13. Thermoply Undersiding (with Wind Wrap on Canadian Models)
  14. 1/2″ Deluxe Rebond Carpet Pad
  15. Deluxe Carpet or Linoleum
  16. Double Studding Around Doors & Windows
  17. 50 Year Vinyl Siding
  18. Exterior Shutters
  19. 2×6 Fascia Around Roof Perimeter with Side Overhangs
  20. 25 Year Fiberglass Shingled Roof
  21. 3/8″ Roof Decking
  22. 30 lb. Felt Paper
  23. Vented Roof System – Truss Type Rafters 16″ O.C. 40 lb. Certified (60 lb. Canadian)
  24. 5/16″ Gypsum Hi-Strength MRV Ceiling Board with Vapor Barriers
  25. Residential Thermopane Windows

As a member of theĀ Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, Kropf meets and exceeds all industry standards as part of our commitment to ensure our customers of the highest quality and professionalism.